Same address, different look...

Welcome to the new MAVIS website!

As you can see, we are still based at, but the website looks a little different. Our team have worked hard to produce a new look and feel for MAVIS. All the helpful information is still here, but with added extras.

We also have more ways to find the MAVIS answers you’re looking for than ever before! Click the Support link in the top navigation bar of the website to be taken to our helpful ‘Learn and Support’ page. Alternatively, you could click the ‘?’ in the bottom right hand corner of any of our webpages and type in your question, or just keywords, and our smart software should help you find your answer. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can ‘contact us’ by using this little widget. As you be able to see from the image below, you can also add up to 5 attachments using this method.

If this isn’t enough, you can also go to the Contact link at the bottom of the site and get in touch through there.


You might have also noticed that we now have a team page. We thought it was important for you all to see more of the behind the scenes of MAVIS, starting off with who we are.

And obviously, you have found our new blog part of the site. Here we will break down new updates, upload ‘How To’ tutorials, and show amazing ways that MAVIS has been used.

And that is where you come in. If you’ve used MAVIS for films, documentaries, projects, or just some cool shots, we want to hear from you. Email us at, or use the hashtag #shootmavis on social media.

~ The MAVIS Team